DoubleTwist Player app, a smart alarm clock for Android users

Waking up every morning as the ear piercing alarm goes off is the most unpleasant way to start your day. Here to change the whole experience is DoubleTwist with its alarm clock that has been specially designed for Android users. The app is simple and yet very pleasing, which doesn’t need any loud praises and speaks for itself.

Alarm clock for Android

DoubleTwist Player app comes draped in simplicity, which is unlike streaming app and music syncing the developers have earlier come out with. The alarm functions like any other in this category and can be set for multiple and recurring alarms for both weekdays as well weekends. One can also custom label the alarms and can choose for gradual volume increase instead of waking up in a shocked state.

DoubleTwist Player app has aesthetically appealing mechanical as well as analog clock styles. A user can choose their favorite tunes, which will be played when the alarm goes off. This makes sure that users connect with the music being played that will definitely etch a smile on their face as they get prepared for a beautiful day ahead. The simple software is compatible with Android 2.2 and anything above it. The most unique trait is the presence of a sleep cycle that will suggest wake up times optimal for an individual.

If you want to wake up in style with the help of your Android device, then at $0.99 the DoubleTwist Player app is a must have.

Via: The verge

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