Doormat E brings energy savings to doorbells

Created by designer João Paulo Lammoglia, Doormat-E is a unique new take on reducing the carbon footprint of the average homeowner and people who want to go green without giving up the use of common electronics around the house. The concept basically boasts of a special doormat that requires the new arrival at a door to wipe their feet on the doormat a certain number of times before they press the doorbell to announce their arrival to their host.

Doormate concept

The innovative design of the doormat converts the kinetic energy supplied by the user in the act of cleaning their feet into electrical energy that is then used to ring the doorbell integrated within the mat itself that can be pressed using the tip of the shoe. This allows something as commonplace and as often neglected as a doorbell to add to the energy savings of a home.

Doormate concept

Since the Doormat E only asks a visitor to generate just enough electricity to be able to ring the bell once, the bell itself doesn’t need to be connected to a permanent source of power (e.g., power from a grid or batteries) which is known to consume power even when not in use in the guise of phantom load or leaking electricity.

The Doormat E eliminates the possibility for wastage of power by generating only the required amount of electricity each time the bell is pressed. The concept also boasts of an efficient sound system which uses the wooden door as a natural sound amplifier hence less energy is required for the operation of the device.

Source: Joao Lammoglia

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