Dock+Go mobility concept: A detachable vehicular backpack

Automobile manufacturers constantly keep working upon making innovations to advance their product from the competition. But most of these innovations are evolutionary and not revolutionary. That is why there is a need to think creatively out-of-the box to make advancements in the industry and that is what Rinspeed has done.

Dock+Go mobility concept

Rinspeed is already famous for their innovative and exotic concepts of vehicles to showcase in the Geneva Motor show every year. In the recent years Rinspeed showcased the aquatic sQuba and shape, shifting iChange which made them famous. In the year 2012, Rinspeed is planning to showcase its “Dock+Go” concept.

The “Dock+Go” concept is an idea of having a vehicular backpack that can attach and detach from the electric vehicles according to the user’s requirements. When the backpack is docked to the rear of the vehicle, it increases the range as well as the cargo-carrying capacity of the vehicle. This concept is best based for city cars such as that SmartForTwo car which may require additional backpack when need to carry more people and cargo.

This “Dock+Go” concept came into the mind of the founder and CEO of Rinspeed, Frank M. Rinderknecht. According to the founder, they are planning to have various types of dock facilities in the future. Such as dock facility to increase the battery of an electric vehicle by having addition battery supply from the docked backpack. He says that he also envisions making a dock facility for pizza delivery cars, so that the car can be used both personally as well as when in business need to deliver pizzas.

Rinderknecht says that though if they are planning to have a pizza delivery backpack then they have to arrange for additional facilities such as heated box so that the pizzas remain hot.

Source: Gizmag

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