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DIY Sand Chair brings simplicity and minimalism to beach chairs

If you’re handy with a few basic tools and happen to have a few broomsticks, a rag and a spare towel handy, you can fashion your own beach chair instead of splurging on something clunky that is a headache trying to fit at the back of your family SUV. Created by designer Tom De Vrieze, this DIY beach chair is called the Sand Chair and its maker claims that almost anyone can make it at home. The eco friendly chair is an open source design that allows people to make occasional use furniture like a beach chair which is better and more comfortable than most such items found at stores.

DIY Beach Chair

Since the chair does not involve the use of any metal which makes it just perfect for people who hate having to deal with rusting chairs stocked away in their garages for a better part of the year. To make the chair, you simply have to sew four lengths of a rag or fabric at the back of the towel to create the basic support structure. Next you have to simply insert the broomsticks into these sewn off lengths in the given manner and stick them into the sand. The chair probably won’t allow you the same level of sturdiness that a metal, nuts and bolts structure can but then again, unless you live at the beach, you probably won’t need all that support when you’re only going to use a chair for a few hours at a time.

The DIY chair is also super easy to maintain and clean since you just have to remove the sticks and throw the towel in the washing machine and in case a stick breaks you can simply substitute it with another piece of the same length from an inexpensive broomstick.

Via: Tree Hugger

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