Diver Distress Signal System speeds up underwater search and rescue

Unlike most land-based extreme sports and exploration activities, sending out a distress signal when diving several meters underwater can be a lot more difficult. When underwater, signals from electronic gadgets can be lost or weakened due to water pressure, diver can lose consciousness that renders them unable to send out a signal and they can also be left stranded if their diving gear gets caught in something and they are unable to operate the distress signal at all.

Diver Distress Signal System

Designed by designer Gosha Galitsky in collaboration with Carol Tang and Dogan Sekercioglu, the Diver Distress Signal System is an innovative take on the lifesaving gadget. The DDSS is worn by individual diver which makes it easier for them send out distress signal to other members of the diving group. The gadget can be activated and can send out a distress signal by pulling a handle on the device.

To dramatically increase the victim’s chances of survival, the DDSS also acts like a beacon that makes it easier for rescuers to locate the victim quickly without the rescuers having other gadgets like GPS to pinpoint the location of the distressed diver. A system of light signals and alarms make the proprietary system more efficient and increase the chances of survival.

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