Disposable cardboard bed for the homeless

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Homeless people are a serious problem for every government. Providing them with shelter is another problem. However, their welfare cannot be ignored either. So, won’t everyone be happy if there was a solution in sight without stretching the coffers too much? A young Russian designer, Nikolay Suslov, has now popped up with a cheap but innovative bed design that may prove handy for poor homeless people worldwide. Inspired by the chaise lounge and different kind of beach chairs, the cardboard bed is finished with five layers of corrugated carton, processed with waterproof substance, which makes it durable in all seasons. The height of the bed is about 20 centimeters that keep the users on a good height from the wet and cold surface of the earth.

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Design Status:

The Disposable Cardboard Bed is a concept design that if it came into production will be a good pick for homeless wanderers.

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The low price disposable bed is not just handy for the homeless people, but it can also be used as portable seating for viewing open air concerts and on the beach where people often look for a convenient place to lie down. Moreover, the cardboard bed is recyclable that helps in sustaining the environment.
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Nikolay Suslov is a student designer from Saint Petersburg, Russia. He is studying Industrial Design from Saint Petersburg State Academy of Art And Design.
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