Discycle human powered sea vehicle for clean and comfy water travel

The Discycle concept by designer Bora Doker is one of the award winners at the 2011 edition of the Sea Vehicle Design Contest organized by the government of Turgutreis, Turkey. The project explores the possibility of making travel over water as simple and safe as traveling over land using a bicycle. The Discycle also aims at promoting human activity which has been curbed to a large extend because of automated transportation systems like elevators and escalators as well as mechanical private and public modes of transport.

DICYCLE: Human powered boat

As a human powered sea vehicle, the Discycle draws on the form of a regular row boat and features a mechanism found on the rowing equipment found in fitness centers that offers an economical, aesthetic and environmentally friendly way for people living near water bodies to travel and commute. Supported via two balance wheels located at the helm of the canoe, the rowing apparatus works the shift controlled propeller.

The propeller rotates the shaft while the balance wheels are powered by the pull exerted on the chained handle. Lockable foot pedals control the rudder and allow the user to steer the boat. As a human powered vehicle, the Discycle offers users a distinct ease of use and ensures a zero emissions, zero fuel energy ride while providing plenty of physical exercise.

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