Dine with solar energy in your plate

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A well laid table gets more appreciation if the crockery is attractive. To illuminate your eating experience, Christy Tong has made an eating tray named Peek which works with solar energy. A whole new technology, Peek has a slot where a glass can be placed and through which energy is captured and delivered further. Coming with a napkin holder, it has a matching tray and a glass that makes this solar powered tray all the more eye-catching.

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Charging the plate doesn’t come with a lot of hassles as well. Simply place it on a table or dish rack and this solar plate will absorb the sun rays, which can be used at social or business gatherings, parties and weddings as well. The tray comes implanted with magnets which easily holds the silverware when placed over it. This plate can be easily detached and attached over the tray.
Highlight of the whole setting being the glass, which is placed in an area that has OLED lights. The lights turn on and off after sensing the weight of the glass, signaling when a fill up is required.
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Peek will act as oxygen, if you are one amongst those who think staying connected through social networking sites is as important as breathing. Just enter your ID and Peek will connect you wirelessly with your virtual world.

So, dine the solar way and enjoy your meals while staying connected with everyone you love.

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[Cheers Christy]

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