Di-Cycle: Joy ride for land and water

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How many of us have been fortunate enough to ride bike on water surface? I’d say none and you could present your own story to refute me. Anyhow this is about to change if GBO design’s Di-Cycle comes to life. Now Dicycles have been around for some time; wiki has a stub on it if you care to see. But I’m yet to see an actual dicycle that claims to run on water too. Di-Cycle, however, does precisely this. Designed in 2005 for or the Brabantse Spelen a Dutch design competition, the Di-Cycle brings together “sport and design.” Apparently, the designers wanted to create something that was perfect for Helmond. The roads and canals that run through the Dutch city are perfect for the Di-Cycle to show its prowess on either land or water. Seems great, one could just cycle on the road and along comes a waterway, splash, you continue merrily! Wonder if we’d see it any soon on roads, or maybe in canals. Another image follows.

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Via: Likecool

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