DeskMate offers light workout for professionals with sedentary lifestyle

deskmate workout 1
The DeskMate is a must-have for every sit-in professional who spends long hours sitting at one place, precisely in one position, say at their personal computer. They have negligible physical activity which combined with their work-related stress makes them ideally susceptible to one or the other sedentary lifestyle diseases. For those working under these conditions, the DeskMate gives some respite. Designed to easily fit on your desk, the DeskMate is a one-step setup with adjustable resistance levels for a lightweight workout. It has a thick handle for enhanced grip and can be used to relax your arms, back, shoulder, chest and wrists to burn calories, flex muscles and most importantly relieve stress while sitting.

deskmate workout 2
deskmate workout 3
deskmate workout 4

Via: Compactix

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