Desk E.L.A appears to be levitating in the air

desk ela

Adapting effortlessly in your office space, or even your living room, Desk E.L.A is prefect furniture with the sense of aestheticism. Designed by Jovo Bozhinovski, the desk is an abstract looking desk which promises to hold your computer, laptops and other stuff in neat clutter free way. The leg just stands on two legs and so appears to be floating in the air literally. It is attached to the wall for stability using two steel cables. These ropes allow the table to move both horizontally as well vertically.

The bottom of the feet are integrated with the power electric cables connectors from network cable, phone cable and USB ports, leaving behind neat and organized wires. The use of any type of supply is affordable owing as all the links brought on the surface of the table, and is hidden by a decorative panel. Apart from making place for wires, the table also offers the space for computer, and storing official documents as well.

desk ela1
desk ela2
desk ela3
desk ela4
desk ela5

Cheers Jovo Bozhinovski

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