Skylon Surface to Orbit Plane

Designs that discuss what the aircraft of the future will be

The last few years have seen several ground breaking technological advancements making news. One area that is benefitting a lot from these advancements is the aviation industry that is currently on the verge of manufacturing a range of futuristic aircrafts. As such, we won’t be surprised if the following aircrafts start making appearances in the sky pretty soon.

Transparent Plane by Airbus

Transparent Plane by Airbus

A rather interesting and maybe petrifying idea by Airbus features a fully transparent aircraft that would allow passengers to have 360 degree views of their surroundings as they fly. Slated to be completed in 2015, the project would also feature heat absorbent seats that would use the body heat of the passengers to power the plane as well as conform to the body shape of the passenger.

Skylon Surface to Orbit Plane Skylon Surface to Orbit Plane

Reaching outer space would be much easier in the near future, thanks to the work being done on the Skylon Surface to Orbit Plane. This SSTO RLV aircraft would make use of a multipurpose engine for both launches and reentries. While it would use air-based oxygen inside the atmosphere, it would switch to fuel based energy in outer space. Experts point out that SSTO RLV would definitely provide a cost effective and energy efficient way to reach outer space.

Icon A5 Icon A5

A lot of research has gone into developing hybrid vehicles that can utilize various modes of transportation to move from one place to another more efficiently. Enter the Icon A5, a hybrid amphibious aircraft that can travel both in air and on land. The two-seater plane features a cockpit and folding wings that can be extended during the flight mode. The wheels permit the vehicle to be driven on the road as well with ease. Storage is also not an option as you can easily fold the wings and role the aircraft into your garage.

SkyTug Hybrid Airship by Lockheed Martin

SkyTug Hybrid Airship by Lockheed Martin

This massive aircraft by Lockheed Martin boasts of some rather impressive features. For starters, the massive craft can take off vertically from the ground. Rear facing propellers then provide the necessary thrust to help the aircraft move forward after it has attained the necessary height. The SkyTug can also hover a couple of feet from the ground and move around at the same height without touching the ground. This enables the aircraft to land easily on uneven surfaces as well, including water and even rocky terrain.

A lot of research is being done on futuristic aircrafts that would help transport passengers from one of the earth to the other in a cost effective and energy efficient manner. From featuring fully transparent cabins and aerodynamic design features to plenty of other impressive features, these aircrafts would surely grab eyeballs once they hit the skies.

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