Designer relives the Alfa Romeo 308 Speedster

alfa 308 speedster concept 01

Futuristic vehicles has been on the rise in the automotive world, and the latest to hit the horizon is the Alfa Romeo 308 Speedster that draws inspiration from the racing cars of the ’30s and ’40s. Presenting a retro design, the speedster by the Brazilian designer Pedro Oliveira retrieves the visual and the sensation of driving a real racing car, the wind on the face, the stability of a car close to the ground, the V10 engine powered with ethanol and the exhaust pipes running through the car body. All these aspects complete the visual of this car. The Alfa Romeo 308 is a Grand Prix car that was made for the 3litre class in 1938. Only four cars were produced and the chassis descended from the C Type, with an engine in a lower position and a thinner body.

alfa 308 speedster concept 02
alfa 308 speedster concept 03
alfa 308 speedster concept 04
alfa 308 speedster concept 05
alfa 308 speedster concept 06
alfa 308 speedster concept 07

[Thanks Pedro]

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