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The TrendFaucets are one of the most useful tools in a kitchen, allowing you to easily draw water for your cooking, cleaning and drinking. Considering their constant use, they need to be strong enough to endure pressure so that they can be used for a long

Design trends: Touch sensitive kitchen faucets

Touch sensitive kitchen faucets

The Trend

Faucets are one of the most useful tools in a kitchen, allowing you to easily draw water for your cooking, cleaning and drinking. Considering their constant use, they need to be strong enough to endure pressure so that they can be used for a long time. Thus, the materials used to manufacture kitchen faucets have to be sturdy and the design itself needs to be such that they are easy to use.

Nowadays, people tend to go for luxury and style in whatever they chose for themselves. From the clothes you wear to the cars you drive, we all want the best for our homes too. A plush fabricated sofa, plasma TV with HD technology, an automatic fan or an air-conditioner, self retaining water purifier, automatic alarm system, new tech security system, elegant-luxurious space saving furniture…the list goes on. If we’re spending on luxuries then why not do the same with kitchen faucets? Below are the latest trends for kitchen faucets that will make your cooking area look stylish and sleek. They’ve been created using the latest technology to help make work minimal and easy.

The Inspiration

Some of us may wonder why we have to spend so much just for style and beauty. But it isn’t only about the looks. It boils down to keeping your space simple, neat and efficient. It’s also a boon to those who are hygienically and environmentally conscious and pressed for time. Take for instance having to turn on faucets while your hands are full of oil or salad dressing. Wouldn’t it be so much easier to turn them on without actually twisting the knob? Enter the Touch20 Technology developed by Delta whose designs are minimalistic as well as very convenient.

What makes it so special

The faucets made using this technology are touch-sensitive just like the touch-sensitive lamps which switch on automatically when encountering a body’s presence. The flow of water through these faucets is monitored just by a nudge. The product is intelligently designed as it doesn’t let water flow unnecessarily. It turns itself off after exactly four minutes when there is no action performed to terminate the water’s flow. They’re perfect for households that have kids who don’t think to turn off water when not in use.

Apart from this, the technology also provides another interesting feature where you can adjust the temperature of the water by pressing a few simple buttons. There are even other faucets with invisible temperature control systems embedded in them. These look nothing like ordinary faucets and more like ornamental pieces for your kitchen.

You might be wondering how a touch-sensitive faucet can actually be cleaned but the procedure is as simple as ever. The sensors that are embedded are designed in such a manner that they have the ability to recognize when they are being touched to turn on water flow or to adjust the temperature and flow force of water or even when they are being swiped clean. These intelligent gadgets will let your forget all about dripping and leaking faucets so that you can concentrate on other more important things.

What’s in it for me

Here are some of the different types of touch-sensitive faucets which might interest you.

What’s next

1. Elegantly techie fluid faucet series by Jordan Tomnuk

Fluid faucet

Stylish, minimalistic and looking nothing like faucets, the fluid faucet series by Jordan Tomnuk have an interesting feature. They have temperature and pressure controls embedded in them that you can’t even see. The design is so sleek that you don’t have to worry about bulky looks. The fluid series includes faucets for bathroom and kitchens as well as shower heads. Perfect for a modern and stylish home.

2. Pure Tap

Pure tap

This beautifully designed faucet by Joseph Coy has also been created using Touch20 technology. What will first strike you is the look of it. Resembling a piece of art more than a faucet, Pure Tap fits easily into your washbasin or sink. It can rotate, making it more manageable to control and is designed in such a way that it can easily complement modern interior architecture which makes it even more desirable. This gorgeous touch-sensitive piece has been crafted for Woflson Design.

3. Triflow


The Triflow has been designed by Zaha Hadid. The most admirable feature of this faucet is its three-way technology of tri-flow. The triflow faucet filters water with just a stroke of its touch-sensitive electric button and can even separate hot and cold water streams with its differing handle of the tap. The faucet is designed in such a way that it looks less like a faucet and more akin to a stylish piece of architectural work which magnifies the elegant look.

4. Y-con kitchen faucet


Standing tall and elegant, the Y-con kitchen faucet has a simple yet admirable style and will compliment a modern kitchen with its chrome finished high standing body. This faucet is also a touch-sensitive device where you are provided with a set of buttons which you need to use for controlling the flow and temperature of water. The LED lights around the buttons tell you at which temperature the water is currently present in and so on. You can also make use of the pull-out nozzle that has a customizable spray if you need to water something away from the washbasin.

While these faucets are very efficient and elegant to look at, their cost may make you think twice about buying them, ranging from about $500 to $545. But the engineering and technology involved to give you the most convenient way to go about your kitchen work, not to mention their quality, are worth investing in. While they are expensive initially, their durability and touch-sensitive capability are ideal in the long term. No longer will you need to worry about dripping faucets and calling the plumber now and then. You can do your part in saving much-needed water. With these, you can concentrate on other work and leave your old concerns behind.

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