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Design of mobile handsets evolves with Andigo

For long the aisles of electronic shops have been filled with phones that look almost the same. Most of them have a rectangular shape with a screen on top and menu buttons below. Also, majority of the pieces are daubed with neutral hues. So, an innovation in this product category is a must considering how massive the market is. And, here is a phone that can create a difference. Designed by Poland based Andrzej Kiday, this phone has angular squares jutting out from its four corners. You will get a tighter grip on the handset so that the device does not slip out easily when you are holding it.

Andigo Mobile phone

The design of the phone and placement of buttons is damn clever. Most mobile phones have a menu and call buttons at the bottom, which reduce the space occupied by the screen. But in this phone, the menu button and other keys have been placed along the sides, so that the screen space is maximized. The edge on the top of the phone embeds the headphone jack, power button and USB mini connector.

On the left side of Andigo is the volume button that can easily be controlled using the thumb. Right next to the volume button is the wrist strap eyelet. The camera lens at the back is encircled by LED flash lights. The right number of LEDs slotted in here ensure that the light emitted is diffused and soft. This mellifluous light is ideal for shooting up close videos.

Moreover, the menu button serves as the shutter for the camera while you are shooting videos. The switch button has not been slotted on the easily accessible areas. This is quite a good idea as it is not accessed frequently and also chances of hitting it accidentally are minimized in this position. The metal casing and robust housing of this phone is really rugged. Clearly, this is a piece that can make a difference.

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