Design ideas for floor lamps 2013

[box_dark]Light Up Your Home And Improve Its Worth With Modern Floor Lamps[/box_dark]

If you are great enthusiast of book and love to read it until late night hours, then you must in questing for unique and elegant floor lamp.  Without proper illumination, even the most inviting home design will fail to grab the attention of people residing in. Lighting plays a decisive role for completing the embellishment of home. Almost every room of your domicile requires a perfect blend of task lighting, accent lighting and normal lighting to make up your mind and offer sufficient illumination. Floor lamps fall under the category of task lighting that keeps utmost significance for both functional as well as decorative purpose at home. However, it becomes very imperative for homeowners to ascertain exactly what design, shape or style they need before settling on one.

[box_dark]Is Floor Lamp Important For Home?[/box_dark]

Floor Lamp can be used in a diverse manner for uplifting the decoration and trimming of home. These lamps are not only easy to install but also add a unique dimension to your existing decor. Floor lamps come in a wide spectrum and users can install it simply by plugging it into home outlet. These lamps are most apparent and ideal alternative for college students, frequent haulers and renter, as it is portable and easy to handle. You can efficiently use these floor lamps for normal room lighting to have an enthralling impact on home décor. In general, a floor lamp gives your room an ambient glow while maintaining its illumination.

[box_dark]Roberto Tweraser’s Cool Modern Floor Lamps Design Tipsy [/box_dark]

This is a unique and amazing contemporary design of floor lamp that can give a swift boost to interior lighting of your home. A Malta-based interior designer, Roberto Tweraser designed this lamp Tipsy by deriving Newton’s “law of motion and equilibrium”. This cool floor lamp is an outcome of integration as well as manipulation of Newton’s law. Tipsy floor lamp can efficiently manage itself in all the direction whether it is vertical or horizontal. Most intriguing fact lined up with Tipsy Floor Lamp is that it manages to aggravate curiosity by confronting logic. Tipsy Lamp Design make people stand for a while to figure out how imperative is floor light.

[box_dark]James Shaw’s Contemporary Ball-Joint Floor Lamp for Interior Lighting [/box_dark]

James Shaw, UK-based designer worked out on this contemporary ball-joint floor lamp for interior lighting. This is actually a hemispherical item that can be placed in a stand to create a ball-joint to allow for an adjustable angle. With the coating of gloss powder on the topmost element of contemporary lamp design, homeowners can perfectly increase the illumination and lubricity. A twist flex enclosed with fabric gives an evocative quality pay for a sense of appropriateness of object for contemporary lights.

[box_dark]Natuzzi’s Wisdom Design of Modern Floor Lamps[/box_dark]

Natuzzi’s Wisdom Design of amazing floor lamp is an arched ultra-modern lamp serving a perfect alternative for your home. This furniture design of floor lamp is made up of nickel structure to make your home look extremely harmonious. Besides this, Wisdom Design perfectly matches different style of home furnishing and interior design. Despite having a significant dimension, this floor lamp upholds a great artistic illumination. People hunting for modern floor lamp can settle on Wisdom Lamp to light up their home.

[box_dark]Leucos’ Vittoria Collection of Italian Floor Lamp[/box_dark]

Vittoria is a renowned Italian furniture known for its unique collection of floor lamps that propose upward, sliding and scattered Illumination by exploiting its satin-glass diffuser and halogen source. R. Toso and N. Massari worked on the design of this floor lamp that can make your home look more elegant and chic. Vittoria floor lamp is available in diverse yet amazing colors to match up to desires of homeowners.

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