Does the Design College California offers graduate programs industrial design?

What would you suggest, should one pursue the industrial design programs from russia offering the best courses or should one stay back and do it from here, what will be the best for me? Does the design college california offers graduate programs industrial design? How is it?

One thought on “Does the Design College California offers graduate programs industrial design?”

  1. Industrial design is more than just the creation of desirable products and user experiences. Successful innovation requires a resilient business model based designs driven by unique insights about the human needs along with this a thoughtful study and design of the future. The college is offering a degree of Master of Science. This degree is of two years, six-term Master of Science curriculum focusing on theory and practice for the production of an insightful research, the development of human-centric designs and the creation of new business opportunities.They combine the art center’s renowned excellence in visual designs and ‘making skills’ with the knowledge, theory and methods which are essential for making design solutions for complex problems. In doing so, they prepare the students to assume leadership roles throughout creative organizations. The faculty comprises of internationally renowned educators, accomplished professionals across a range of design, technology and business fields. They also help their students develop their abilities through projects and critical dialogue in a designed studio environment. So you can go for such a program if you have the interest in this field.

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