Design By Nature: Weather station in form of a giant solar sail

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Designer: Tim Richter.

Basic concept: Using nature’s principles in a city is the only way to make the city better and help protect our planet. Nature and its principles is the core of this project. This project aims to answer questions such as How to deal with waste or How to create energy. Let’s talk about the project. The “Design by Nature” is a meteorological station in form of a giant solar sail that will make people aware of future challenges, especially global warming. It’s an integrated system that creates energy, protects itself, offers shelter and showcases nature in a technical way.

Designer’s own words: The collected weather specific data is used to control the 30m² solar sail which will follow the sun to be more effective, offer shelter to people when it rains or coil up during night and heavy winds to protect itself. It’s idea is inspired by nature, for example how plants or animals adjust to their environment or the course of a day when they open or close their blooms. Sensors for temperature, wind speed, wind direction, air pressure, humidity, sunlight and rain connected to the global weather forecast system make it work.

The design and construction uses natures’ examples to be light, effective and durable not trying to just imitate them rather to learn how to apply them with our technology available. Everything about Design by Nature relates to nature, happens in nature and connects different aspects of nature.

We can imagine Design by Nature in urban areas as attraction for people, showcase for future and for people to re-think what life is about.

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Thanks, Tim Richter (NaoLab)

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