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Design blunders that make your lounge appear like a backyard

People generally take a lot of interest in decorating their houses and specifically their lounge area or living rooms. However some people go overboard or they don’t put much thought with the decorating process and end up having a lounge no better than a typical backyard! Their intentions were good but their ideas might be wrong and these things happen to many people.


Decorating mistakes that ruin the look

Decorating blunders are not a tough job and anyone could make them and that is why you need to be careful while decorating your house. It has been observed that people make the most decorating mistakes in the rooms they use the most and what better example than a lounge. There are many decorating blunders that can be pointed out which people generally make while gracing their living rooms. An ugly lounge is not what people want but their decorating mistakes lead them to live in one.


Living room decorating blunders

  • The hurry to paint: painting the lounge must be the last chore in the list but some people put it at number one and that becomes their decorating blunder. The paint of the room must be in coordination with the furniture and accessories and not the other way round. People who fail to understand that end up having a not so good lounge.
  • Uncomfortable furniture items: you will totally agree that furniture is one of the most important parts of a lounge and special attention is required on part of the buyer. Comfort is one factor that is a compulsion in lounge furniture but some people do just the opposite and buy good looking but uncomfortable furniture for the living room. Good looks and elegance are required in furniture but not if they come sans the comfort.

  • Get the first thing that comes across: you have to put in some effort and time if you want a stylish and good looking living room. When you are out shopping for the lounge take time to look for options and not just settle for the first thing that is shown to you because that may become your decorating blunder. There are plenty of great options and if you don’t look then you might buy the worst one.
  • Miss out on accessorizing: proper and decorative accessories are crucial in a beautiful lounge but if you clutter them with things then that definitely does not count as decorating. If you have a stylish bookcase but it is hardly visible with all the stack of books and your expensive and trendy coffee table is always hidden beneath lot of magazines. If you have any such scenarios in your living room then it is high time to clear the clutter to make room for the style and beauty of your furniture and accessories.
  • Where’s all the furniture? Against the walls: this is not smart decorating at all but people tend to do so because it sounds tempting and they place all the furniture in the lounge against the walls. Doing this makes the room look smaller and cramped which is not an example of good decorating skills.
  • Ignoring the bumps and bangs: wear and tear is a part of the package and it is bound to show after some time and you must not ignore that it’s there. Ignoring the bumps and bangs hampers the look of the living room therefore replace the furniture and repaint the walls every few years or as the wear and tear begin to show.


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