Delta Shelter is a compact, low maintenance, virtually indestructible housing solution

Olson Kundig Architects have come up with an amazing wood and metal construction that looks as if a box has sprouted out of the ground. The 1000 square foot construction, named Delta Shelter, is located at Mazama, Washington, USA and will prove to be a perfect spot to escape the ever crowded city life. The cabin is meant for relaxing and will inject doses of fun and entertainment.

Delta Shelter

The vertical cabin will become a part of the wilderness around with the usage of materials in their raw nature, lending a sensuous appeal. The compact structure is easy on the maintenance scale and will prove be a perfect retreat. Delta Shelter will get all the required support from four steel columns. On site wastage was kept to a minimum as most of the structure was prefabricated off site, making the construction sustainable. Plywood has been extensively used to craft the inside surfaces, which lends both good looks and the durability. The most interesting part being that the cabin can be shuttered completely from all four sides when no one is using it. The four shutters can be closed and opened by means of hand wheels, spur gears, drive shafts, cables and u-joints.

Delta Shelter has three levels, which will serve the owner and shower some captivating charm. The first level is primarily for parking cars and storing stuff that may be required when residing in the brilliantly constructed cabin. The second level has an entry to greet all guests and comes complete with two bedrooms and bathrooms. The top most level of the construction comprises of the cooking, dining as well as the living area, in turn unfurling an environment of total relaxation. If you crave for some outdoor fun and want to enjoy panoramic views, then fulfilling this desire will be the space that will be provided by cantilevered steel decks as these extend from the middle and top levels. Delta Shelter is a great way to escape in the wilderness and craft some fun memories with friends and loves ones.

Via: Arcdaily

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