Seven delightfully scrumptious iPhone 4 cases

iPhone 4 Case

Thinking about whether you should buy a cover for your iPhone or not. You must be in dilemma, as the cover will hide the sleek beauty of you iPhone. But if you want to save your treasured possession from scratches and unwanted dent, then covers become an essential item to buy. Here is a description of a range of iPhone 4 covers from which you can chose one for yourself.

1. Survivor case

Survivor iPhone 4 Case

This cover is most suitable for the people who use their phones in a very rough manner due to their work conditions or any other reason. This cover is made to meet and exceed US and UK military standards. This is one of the most protective cover for your iPhone 4. The cover includes screen protection, hybrid frame, and sealed ports. This cover is tested for its durability, and is shock and waterproof. The cover is also vibration and sand dust proof.

2. CapsuleRebel iPhone 4 case

CapsuleRebel iPhone 4 case

This cover is famous for its distinct look and over all protection that it provides for your iPhone 4. It provides a tough protection for your iPhone 4. It comes in very different and impressive looks. It may look like a little heavy but it is very light to handle. The above model is available in different colors, from which you can choose your favorite one. There is a protective edge of the cover which protects the edges of your phone’s screen too when you keep your phone front side down.

3. Trident Cyclops iPhone 4 case


This is another tough cover with style for your iPhone 4. This cover gives your iPhone 4 over all protection, it has a rubber ring on its outer edge. And Apple logo shines through back of this cover. The cover comes in varieties of colors.The best part is that it is Light weight and easy to handle hard case.

4. Realtree Camo iPhone 4 Cases

Realtree Camo Cases

It is very stylish cover for your iPhone and will surely impress art lovers, outdoor lovers, and quench the thirst of creative people. There are variety of designs featuring wild life, aquatic life, and exotic outdoors on the back of the cover, which will surely tempt you to buy this cover. This cover is very suitable for people with creative vein in their body. It is not only stylish but also provides complete package of protection for your iPhone 4.The starting price range for the cover is $35.

5. Grove bamboo case

Grove Bamboo

This is another iPhone cover for distinct art lovers and creativity admirers. This cover’s attractive designs will impress you for sure. The case is made from a bamboo, which is shaped afterwards to create attractive designs. The design on back of your phone cover has four layers of natural oils and protective coating. It is one of the best options for people who admire style and art.

6. Gasket brushed aluminum iPhone 4 case

Gasket Brushed Case

It is an ideal phone cover for geeks and gear heads. There are features that will make you crave for this cover. The cover has a distinct look, and is made from real brushed aluminum with a suede inner lining. The protective carbon back skin of the cover has anti-residue adhesive. The cover is available in different colors and provides ultimate protection to your iPhone 4 from nicks and scratches. The cover comes with crystal-clear screen protective film (front).

7. Hampton Flip iPhone 4 case

Hampton Flip

It is an ideal phone cover for people who want very professional and formal look for their iPhone. The cover comes with full grain leather case. This cover comes with one of the most luxurious and stylish look that you will love for sure. There is a protective front flap, which will protect your front screen from scratches. This cover is available in four very elegant and lovely colors for you to choose. Last but not the least, the cover also has two credit card pockets, which you would not be able to find in any other iPhone case.

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