Re-define story telling with Dimi Storybook

Dimi Storybook

Gone are the days when we used to hear bed time stories from our grandmother or read a story book, as we grew older. Now is the time for gadgets and digital storybook; landmarks in today’s technology.The latest in this segment is Dimi storybook by Siri Johansson, an industrial designer and the winner of the Red Dot award for product design in 2010. Dimi storybook has been created collaborating two forms of art design, namely product design and interface design.

The user friendly Dimi storybook can be used by both children and adults alike. The most remarkable feature about this digital device is that it interacts with the reader. The reader can change the path of the existing story and create a story combining illustrations, texts, and sound as well. The Dimi stimulates the creative imagination of the readers; thus making it popular.

The bright attractive color of this gadget along with its sleek appearance and playful tinge adds to its aesthetic value. The steel gray and amber color of the body makes the storybook attractive.

Overall, Dimi storybook scores high on functionality and its visual appeal. It is a stepping stone to the world of electronic stories; one more reason to make our kids’ brain develop. Though some do believe that paper books can never replace anything and their value would be cherished forever, gadgets like Dimi, no doubt, has changed the concept of story telling by taking it to new heights and bringing a smile to avid book lovers.

Via: Siri Johansson

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