Defiance Wheelchair will let athletes take Hardcore Sitting to the next level

Defiance wheelchair

Awarded the 2009 Silver Spark, the Defiance Extreme Wheelchair by industrial designer Adam Silverstein is a brand new innovation that is created especially for athletes with disabilities. The wheelchair meets the demands of the excruciating sports called Hardcore Sitting which requires athletes to perform the same stunts as regular skateboarders in skate parks, BMX and other skateboarding environments. Since the unique sport requires athletes to maneuver their wheelchairs over specially-built terrain, it becomes necessary to ensure that rider safety and comfort are never compromised.

The Defiance Extreme Wheelchair is designed specially to meet the challenges presented by the demanding sport and aims at integrating itself with the user’s body in a way that makes the riders achieve maximum maneuverability without being too taxing on their bodies.

The wheelchair is crafted to take on the challenges presented by the rails and ramps of a skate park and comes fitted with components that are built individually using unique materials that provide comfort, control, and durability to ensure user safety as well as optimum performance. The target user for the design are both male and female wheelchair users between the ages of 8-35 who are active and outgoing and have T1 to S5 spinal cord injuries or were born with mobility impairing diseases such as Pina Bifida.

The wheelchair is geared with the latest in Hardcore Sitting-specific technology that protects athletes against miscellaneous medical complications and injuries. Specially created suspension casters on the wheelchair are designed to fit standard skateboard wheels with the hinging casters fitted with a polyurethane spring that dampens the vibrations that rider experience going down rails, ramps or other terrain like downhill mountain bike trails.

The super-modified, often custom built chair fits in perfect with the lifestyle needs of the wheelchair skateboarder fulfilling all the needs of the extreme sport without ever putting the users at risk of further injury.

Via: Adamsilversteindesign

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