Decorate you wrist with LED Bars Lady Concept Watch

led bars lady concept watch
Watch is one creation that not only tells us about the running time, but also decorates our wrist. Available in various shapes and materials, they always manage to capture attention. Laszlo, a designer from Hungary, has crafted one named LED Bars Lady Concept Watch.

The design consists of a semi-translucent plastic, which has been fitted with LED’s. Shaped like bracelet, it will be made available in two colors: black and white. A chrome strip decorates the sides, while the setting button has been nicely concealed on the rear cover of this concept watch. Red LED’s flash on the black wristwatch whereas the white one has them in the shade of blue.
led bars lady concept watch 01
Now, how do we read time on this timepiece? It’s very easy once you learn that the LEDs, flashing in stripes, on the left side represent the hours, and the ones on the right are minutes. LED Bars Lady Concept Watch looks like a dainty embellishment, which has been given a clean facade. Adding to its exquisiteness is the fact that LEDs will only be seen when active.

Via: tokyoflash

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