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DECO presents a green take on conventional caskets

Apart from a few individuals who took the threat of global warming seriously when the environmental movement was picking up speed back in the ‘70s, not many of us can truly claim to have lived an eco friendly life. However, that shouldn’t stop each and every one of us from taking the green turn once we have left our earthly abode. Even though electrical crematoriums are the way to go if you’re looking for the most eco friendly way, traditionalists who want to be buried too can opt for a greener option with the DECO eco friendly casket.

DECO eco-friendly casket

Designed for TenderRest caskets, the eco friendly caskets came into being as a collaborative project by the founder of the company Andrew Hubbard and designer Benjamin Kamp. Not only do the caskets provide a modern take on traditional wooden caskets, they also allow folks the options of being buried in an art deco-style casket that is affordable as well as environmentally friendly.

The DECO casket features a sub-structure of CNC cut plywood parts with FSC certified pine plywood and recycled, dense paperboard construction which makes it lightweight yet sturdy. The outer skin of the casket is wrapped in die cut paperboard pieces which are used as internal ribbing as well by folding and fastening. Weighing just 30kgs, the DECO eco friendly casket is strong enough to withstand weights in excess of 300 kgs and comes with built-in handles to make transportation easier as well.

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