Declutter your nightstand with the SpeakerCubeDock

For an average person, a nightstand is a piece of furniture that we reach for the first thing in the morning when we reach for our alarm clock and also the last one that we interact with when we go to bed when stock it up with water, our latest reads, our phones and what not. However, most nightstand are not big enough to house so much of our stuff, which is why this handy SpeakerCubeDock which combines an alarm clock with speakers, battery and even a dock for the iPod/iPhone that helps declutter the nightstand or any space for that matter. Created by designer Eliel Cabrera, the SpeakerCubeDock (SCD) is an external battery, an iPod/iPod dock, an alarm clock, a portable speaker and even a hard drive in one.


Fitted with gesture controls, the device can be controlled and manipulated via simple touch interfaces located on either side. Touch enabled connectivity allows users to fast forward tracks, pause, play, rewind or even adjust volume and sound via either touch surface. With a simple slide, the speakers give way to expose the dock for the iPhone and iPod.

The ultra fast charging external power battery offered on the SpeakerCubeDock (SCD) can power the speaker as well as charge the iPhone and iPod. The special high output battery takes less time to charge up your devices and remains an efficient way to power your speakers as well. The speakers can be charged by simply connecting the SCD with an Apple USB Power Adapter to an electrical outlet. The speakers are created with a unique vacuum bass design to offer surprising bass response and volume though it is still meant to be completely portable and battery efficient.

As an alarm clock, the SCD can be programmed via an application that allows you to set any song on your iPod or iPhone as your wake up tone. The clock’s setting can also be manipulated via the same touch interface on the sides of the SCD. One of the most appealing features of the SCD remains its ability function as an external hard drive for your iPhone/iPod so that you don’t have to constantly keep upgrading you memory card or sync your phone or music player to your computer.

With around 128GB capacity, the storage on the drive allows you to keep the virtual space on your iPhone or iPod decluttered as well as your physical space. The stored music and images can be managed via an app from your iPhone/iPod via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

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