DecaDeca takes your high-tech workspace on the road

decadeca concept 01

The DecaDeca from Daihatsu is an offbeat car that looks more like a “super box” or a hi-tech cabin than a means of commutation. Unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show 2009, the car concept presents an extremely low, flat floor for effortless ingress and egress through its pillar-less, side-by-side doors. Allowing a variety of seating patterns to allow ease of work or commutation, the vehicle can be used either as a personal car or as a taxi. Powered by a three-cylinder engine, the DecaDeca also integrates a big flatscreen with a fold-down desk, turning it into a hi-tech (moving) cabin. And not to talk about its vibrant interior and exterior that equally support the functionality of the vehicle.

decadeca concept 02
decadeca concept 03
decadeca concept 04

Via: Core77

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