DC37 vacuum cleaner can distinguish between hard and soft surfaces

Ball cylinder vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaners by Dyson are quite famous. The company is out with a new vacuum cleaner that makes good use of its patented Ball Technology. Christened the DC37, it is the company’s very first canister or cylinder vacuum. The ball technology which makes use of a dime or ball (on which the vacuum turns) was just offered in upright models till date. It was introduced in the year 2005, in the form of DC15. The vacuum nicely rests on the ball and moves as it spins around, while all the important components of a vacuum are injected inside the ball.

The DC37 comes wedged with a Musclehead floor tool that uses air pressure. This ingenious tool robotically distinguishes between hard and soft objects and acts accordingly. On hard floors, the vacuum cleaner lowers its brushes and pulls them back on soft surfaces like carpet and rugs. This makes sure that the floors sparkle while carpets, and stay in a great condition for a longer period of time. The facade of the ball is smooth (decreases friction) and comes associated with a central steering system. These make good use of central pivot point and articulating chassis that makes the vacuum cleaner effortless while pulling and the stringent corners can be cleaned easily.

The DC37 just weighs 7.5kg or 16.53lbs, which makes it a user-friendly device. It has a length, width and height of 507mm, 261 mm and 368 mm, respectively. It will be put on show at the IFA 2011 and will hit the markets on October 31st this year. The vacuum cleaner has a holding capacity of 2 liters or 0.53 US gallons, and will come slashed with a price tag of €438 to €549 ($622 to $778) approximately. The vacuum is an engineering marvel with over 100 components packed in the ball.

Via: Gizmag

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