DC-10 Cowling Bed to make your spirits fly sky high

DC-10 Cowling Bed

Traveling in a plane always comes tagged with excitement and has become the best mode of transport. An airplane takes us from one place to the other without consuming much time as compared to traveling by road or sea. Bringing the charm of an airplane in your bedroom is MotoArt, who have designed the DC-10 Cowling Bed. The bed will quench your thirst of owning aircraft furniture and will manage to fetch a lot of attention as well as compliments.

A bed is one of the most important pieces of furniture that forms a bedroom and brings it to life. It is that comfort coated zone in a room that can instantly soothe frazzled nerves and helps us relax after a long day. Normally beds are crafted using wood or metal but in this modern world even airplanes are being used to make this important piece of furniture. The silver-colored creation is round in shape and looks very appealing. It has been made from a real McDonnell Douglas DC-10 that had the capacity to carry a good 380 passengers at a time. This was swapped into an attention grabbing round bed that measures 84 inches.

The bed has been dipped in modernism and will perfectly blend in a contemporary setup. The cowling bed will be custom fabricated as per a buyer’s whims and fancies. It can be given a touch of your personality and hence will ornament the bedroom with its mystic aura. The facade of DC-10 Cowling Bed can be given various finishes that may vary from satin, mirror polish and a painted look. This will give a buyer a freedom of choice and make sure they get enough options to choose from while picking a perfect bed for their room.

DC-10 Cowling Bed is a quite large and has a diameter if 105 inches. Since the bed is quite wide, it has been crafted into two parts so that it can get through a standard doorway without any added effort or the fear of damaging it. The base of this cowling bed has been fitted with LEDs that will make it glow further. Lights have been wedged at the base and port holes that lends warmth and gives birth to a mesmerizing atmosphere. The LEDs create a romantic and truly sexy ambiance when dusk sets in or the lights are switched off.

DC-10 Cowling Bed will be a great addition at homes and will lift up the overall mood of the decor. It will bring the charm of airplanes in your life and will leave make sure you don’t miss the flying experience ever.

Via: Motoart

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