Dazzling ornamental crystal lighting from Marchetti Illuminazione

crystal lights

Elegant, alluring, glistering! As beautiful as an incredible piece of jewelry. You see these once and you wish to see more and more. So, if your guests stare at your walls, corners, tables and roofs more than your frills and stones, then it’s not entirely their fault. These ornamental collections of lighting fixtures named MOODY, from Marchetti Illuminazione, the one of the most prestigious lighting design houses in Italy, are just spectacular. Made with crystals and chrome accents, these artistic lights use three traditional and stylish cuts of crystal, namely Bohemian, Squared and Triangular Kite shapes.

Though the name MOODY doesn’t ring a bell, these lights would definitely add a luxurious extravagance to your interior. The style is a unique blend of traditional and modern designs. When a picture speaks thousand words, thought to show the magic of these lights instead. Take a look and judge for yourself, no one can stop you from redoing your home interiors.

Source: Design-eu

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