DayBrake Personal Stress Manager turns stress management into a science

One of the main causes of occupational diseases is work related stress, which is in turn caused by long working hours. However, work related stress can be reduced and productivity can be increased by positively utilizing correct relaxation and management methods. The DayBrake Personal Stress Manager Concept by Auckland, NZ based designer Jet Shao proposes using bio feedback sensors to monitor and manage user’s stress level. The concept basically breaks the monotony of a long stressful work day into small sections by providing non-intrusive intervention to facilitate passive stress management.

DayBrake Personal Stress Manager

Some amount of stress is desirable to keep workers alert and attentive towards their work though a buildup of stress over a period of time can adversely affect health and concentration also. The DayBrake Personal Stress Manager Concept keeps track of physical markers of stress buildup like increase in heart rate and skin temperature and every time these scores reach a certain level, the system alerts them and notifies them to take a break. The system is also geared to provide physical and mental relaxation via a pleasurable neck massage that follows the principals of Feng chi and traditional Chinese acupressure therapies to instantly relieve stress buildup in the neck and shoulders.

Effectively monitor and manage stress Level “DayBrake” provides a more scientific and intelligent way of managing individual’s stress level. The device features a bio feedback function which monitors user’s stress level through biological response of human body to negative stress like abnormal raise in heart rate and skin temperature. The data collected will be compared to a normal productive stress level to accurately indicate the rise in negative stress. When it senses abnormal stress level, it will send a feedback to the user with a pleasurable sensation of mild neck massage to advice the user to take a break.

Since it incorporates the Chinese traditional pressure point massage, the DayBrake Personal Stress Manager is perfectly safe for use with people of all ages regardless of their health status and people do not need to consult a medical practitioner before they can use this device. By massaging the two set of pressure point behind the neck area, the system provides the most effective stress relief and relaxation.

The system also offers positive suggestion and serves as a guide that aids users towards complete relaxation by helping them enter a deep state of meditation. A choice of personal music, white noise or various meditation aids are also offered to the user who can connect the device to their earphones via Bluetooth.

Source: Runaway Prototype Design

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