Danfoss FIT climate controller 2019- A futuristic climate controller for your home

danfoss fit climate controller 2019
Mads Busk Larsen in collaboration with Denmark’s Danfoss Heating has come up with an innovative and ultra chic indoor climate control system called the Danfoss FIT climate. This futuristic climate controller is fitted with a transparent OLED screen that blends with ease with the surroundings, with a 3D printed cover and a biopolymer cabinet. The designer has used his strong analytical skills and creativity along with the expertise of Danfoss brand name to create a powerful design strategy for the system.

The user-friendly interface allows for smooth handling of the controls for indoor temperature, humidity, ventilation and an added advantage lies in its ability to operate from a distance by speech. Furthermore, it can be wirelessly linked to the other hardware elements of the Danfoss FIT climate system forming a complete set up within.
Perceived as a stand to strengthen the Danfoss brand, pioneering technologies were applied to design the fundamental system, the appearance and the detailing behind the Danfoss FIT Climate controller 2019.

In the future, however users will be also provided with a 3D printer in the front cover that will allow them effortless customization of the look of the controller to blend better with the interior design of their homes.

danfoss fit climate controller 2019 01
danfoss fit climate controller 2019 02
danfoss fit climate controller 2019 03

Via: Madsbusk

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