Dandelion Lamp lets people express their creativity

Lighting units or lamps have the tendency to change the mood of an area with the charm they come smothered with. How about investing in a unit that will not only spread warmth, but will also embellish the area like a beautiful piece of art? Refik Burak Atatur has come up with a decorative lighting unit, which has been crafted with utmost precision and has a bewitching style.

Dandelion Lamp

Christened the Dandelion Lamp, it spreads light in a way that captivate senses and adds a dramatic glow to the atmosphere it is placed in. The flexible lighting unit will pamper your creative side as its form can be changed as desired. The design features acrylic petals, which can rotate 360 degrees and can be twisted as per a user’s whims and fancies. A special mechanism, present on each petal makes sure that the orientation gets locked on the circular shaped tube. This also powers the LED and brightens up the area with a magical glow. The LEDs don’t come attached with cables because of the presence of 360 degrees rotation as attaching cables will act as a hindrance while using the lighting unit.

Dandelion Lamp has been fitted with colorful LED lights, which create a beautiful effect at the edges when the light is switched on. The shape of the awe-inspiring lighting unit is maintained because of the presence of an internal mechanism, which keeps it from falling apart. Dandelion Lamp is an attention grabbing light, which can be used with or without a support system. Place it on the floor or table and see the effect it creates. The decorative lighting unit can be used in restaurants, coffee houses and even homes. So see magic unfurl as the Dandelion Lamp diffuses light and adds sparkle to the area.

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