W Dalus wind hydro turbine also works in extreme water flow

The world is happily embracing ideas that will help bring down the carbon dioxide levels. A great way to achieve this is the sensible use of renewable sources of energy, which don’t harm the environment in any sense. IAT21 is an Austrian research company that has taken such environment based concerns seriously and has developed the Dalus W-Water.

IAT21 Dalus W-Water

IAT21 Dalus W-Water is a wind hydro turbine, which has been formed by installing a cyclogyro rotor assembly or engine in the design. The wind hydro turbine is highly efficient and works well even when the flow is of an extreme velocity. The best part being, it does not harm the surroundings and keeps it clean and green. It will be used to capture water energy, which will be further swapped into electricity in a green way.

The outer case has fashioned like a spoiler and the range is pumped up by a factor of 1.5 on either sides and above the surface of the flow velocity of water. Dalus W-Water has a wing section that features a split design. Such a design makes sure that the flow of water can be used for an extended range and doesn’t remain limited. The equipment is buoyant and hence won’t sink in water. It can be easily pulled by a boat and transported from one place to the other.

IAT21 Dalus W-Water is easy to assemble and doesn’t require a lot of infrastructure. It also features a special safety enclosure that will prevent all potential injuries. Since it doesn’t require any complex installation, the design can be used in case an emergency strikes or even for civil protection and disaster control.

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