Cylent City Car to electrify your ride

The ongoing trend to offer auto lovers with eco friendly rides doesn’t seem to cease and is growing year after year. Electric vehicles have being doing rounds at various auto shows all across the globe and the latest to join the bandwagon is the Cylent City Car by CH Auto, which was recently presented at the Beijing Auto Show.

Cylent city car concept

The electric car will be perfect for an urban environment, making traveling around the city easy and pollution free at the same time. The urban commuting electric vehicle is compact in nature, but will bow down to all the needs that may crop up in terms of inert city usage. Don’t expect it to zoom like a sports car with speedy traits, but do expect the coupe to take you everywhere in full comfort. Give the electric creation just 15 seconds and see it jump from zero to 60 km/h.

Cylent City Car boasts of 100 km range when the battery is all juiced up, which is pretty impressive. The attention grabbing creation needs just 2 hours to get fully charged using an everyday household plug. Traffic chocked roads can prove to be a real menace. But, guiding you through this mess will be the 4G LTE antenna placed on the top that will put on show real time traffic data. The small electric two seater car is sure to win plenty of praises once it rolls on the roads with utmost panache.

Via: After Market Leads

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