Cycle and work at the same time with FitDesk

So many of us grouse about not getting enough time to exercise every day? After all, health is wealth and you cannot be flippant about it. But, an ingenious stationary bike might just have a breakthrough for this quandary. Named as FitDesk, this is a stationary cycle cum work desk on which you can peddle away even when you are working.


A very simple and nifty design makes this multi-tasking feat possible. Most stationary bikes have steering handles at the front but this piece gives them a miss. Instead of the handles, a flat work desk has been fitted at the frontage. You can easily place your laptop on it and cycle away. Do not worry about your laptop slipping down. The table acquires a tight grip on your machine and doesn’t let it slide away.

Just because there is a work desk fitted in doesn’t mean that you will be compromising on your work out. Different speeds and resistance intensities can be set on this bike. Your exercise session will be thoroughgoing and powerful. Plus, the bike has an arm rest on which you can support your hands. In fact, you can also place your arms on the desk which holds the laptop.

You can take up repetitive and routine tasks on this cool contraption like sending emails, surfing the web, organizing time tables or preparing a memo. You can also place other gizmos like phones, cameras and video games on it. Read a book or mull over an official print out while you are cycling. Moreover, this unique bike is foldable so it won’t take up extra space in your home or office. This is definitely a great solution for those who have a demanding schedule.

Via: Inhabitat

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