Cyberspace-Tek Multimedia Office/Workstation makes multimedia tasks easy

With a strong emphasis on modern-going-on-futuristic aesthetics, the styling of the Cyberspace-Tek Multimedia Production workstation provides on the go technicians with a space that allows them to maximize work flow. The office-slash-workstation was custom-built by designer Patrick Hing. It boasts of strong ergonomics that are developed to respond to the designers and technicians’ need to have a dedicated space with multiple screens and displays. The workstation is created for professionals working in the fields that require development of multimedia solutions for marketing and infrastructure interface.

Multimedia's custom built office

The workstation is primarily developed to enhance the productivity of professionals working with multimedia software tools like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator. This is developed keeping in mind the people who need to generate computer graphics using tools like Corel Draw and Corel Photopaint. The Cyberspace-Tek Multimedia Office/Workstation also responds positively to 3D animators working with software like Autodesk Maya, Xara and Chief Architect. In the field of animation development, the workstation makes the use of Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Flash and Gif movie Gear more optimal and seamless since multiple screens allow animators to keep track of different layers of the production at a given time.

The multiple screen functionality also allows the workstation to serve as a one stop video/audio production station. It is geared to optimize the functionality of tools of the Adobe suite including Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Ultra, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Flash Video Encoder. Apple’s QuickTime VR Pro as well as other video encoders like DIVX Encoder, Real Media Encoder and Goldwave can also be used on this workstation with ease.

Also featuring a full on multimedia entertainment center, the Cyberspace-Tek Multimedia Office/Workstation can also be used to play audio and video in almost all popular video, animation and audio formats. The ergonomic work station swiftly and easily transforms itself into a comfortable environment for the user to enjoy and relax in.

At the center of the Cyberspace-Tek Multimedia Office/Workstation lies a custom modified glass desk that can easily fit and support a large LED/LCD screen. Ergonomic reclining furniture, a vibrating floor platform and custom-built audio features make the office a premium entertainment space. The Cyberspace-Tek Multimedia Office/Workstation also comes geared with 100% energy efficient LED lighting technology to make the tech-intensive workstation as green as possible.

Via: Behance

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