Cutting edge ‘Time Splitter’ watch to woo geeks

Taking the puzzle created by Lloyd in his childhood to the next level, a watch design named as “Time Splitter” has been crafted. Time Splitter’s bizarre yet attractive display might look complicated in the beginning but after understanding the trick it becomes quite easy. It features both a time mode as well as a date mode. To view digits in any of these modes just combine first and second figure and third and fourth figure in every row to compose 4 digits. The bizarre part of its display is it gives the appearance of 8 incomplete digits split in half presented vertically.

Time Splitter

The watch features a robust strap crafted from an animal friendly manmade material. It is USB rechargeable and can be easily recharged by connecting via a computer. To read time you just need to learn how the digits are displayed and what digits are formed on combining half patterns presented in rows. Once you get this, reading time would become a cake walk and people will remain wondering how you managed it.

The tricky design of Time Splitter will definitely appeal to science-fiction and puzzle lovers. Geeks who enjoy “out of the box” things would love to flaunt it as their style statement. At first this puzzling display gives an impression of being really tough to understand but with time you will start enjoying the trick.

Via: Tokyo Flash

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