The cute ‘Robot Cleaner’ wakes you up on time and cleans your room

Robot Cleaner

When I was a small kid, waking up early in the morning for school was a complete no no for me. The alarms would go off. My mother would come and tell me to get out of the bed. But, the sheer comfort and warmth inside the blankets would never let me creep out of the bed. And after a while, my mother would just come and take off the blanket, and with the comfort gone I had no other option but to come out of my bed. Stories apart, this is a usual morning ritual in most houses, which is why you would love to meet the Robot Cleaner, designed by Jeongmi Lee.

Well the name says Robot Cleaner, but it’s a little more than that. This cute looking device not only cleans your floor, but also forces you to come out of the comfort of your bed. But, you might ask how? The answer is when the alarm built in to the Robot Cleaner goes off in the morning, it waits for about ten seconds and then runs away with your duvet, which is tied to its body using a string. Now, you have just no excuse to not wake up from your sleep.

Robot Cleaner_01

Robot Cleaner is not just that, after waking you up it cleans the floor with the help of built-in vacuum cleaner. And once it’s done with cleaning, unlike other cleaners where you have to change the filters often, the Robot Cleaner changes the filters itself. And the way it does so it quite cute. It ejects the used filters in a small brown cardboard boxes leaving behind a poop of cardboard boxes. Now, that’s called smart!

Robot Cleaner_02

The designer of Robot Cleaner, Jeongmi Lee, compares it with a cute little puppy and he is not wrong in saying so. Minimalistic in design, the product is quite useful and compact. So, if alarm doesn’t work for you, Robotic Cleaner would surely do.

Via: Dezeen

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