Customizable Playing Card Theme Chess set can help you ease out of gambling addiction

We’ve seen customized chess sets and then some but this rather unique chess set created by designer Brian Troche of Custom Design Crafts has our in interest piqued. The pieces n the set are designed to resemble a deck of playing cards which is perhaps the most unusual theme for a chess set that we’ve ever come across. The set is divided into black and red pieces instead of the regular black and white though each color features both traditional suits on either side so you can play with whichever suit you fancy the most.

Customizable Chess set

The base of each piece marks which chess piece it stands for. The queen and king remain the same, the bishop is marked by Ten, Jacks stand for Knights, Aces stand for Rooks and pawns are represented by the numbered cards i.e. 2-9. The set comes with a special chess board that features a reflective mirrored surface and a special drawer underneath that can be used to store the pieces when not in use.

The board also features an engravable space that can be used to display a company logo or a family crest or even a simple message if the set is being gifted to a loved one. The set costs $499 and can be purchased from the designer’s Etsy store.

Via: Etsy

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