Customizable kitchen of the future shapes with the changing mood

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Built on the principle of metamorphosis, the “Kitchen 2099” or “H2O” by Hungarian designer Peter Vardai is a futuristic kitchen that loses its exclusive part in the household and turns into its center by fulfilling all its necessities. For the basic substance, the claytronic atom, allows the owner to shape his/her kitchen according to their wishes and changing moods, which means that one single acquisition enables the usage of various models. The claytronic atom contains small (nanometer) silicium spheres that transmits the information or the current to each other. The material of the kitchen receives a preprogrammed form which can later be changed by the owner.

Designed for Electrolux, the kitchen of the future wraps in a box, which can be easily commuted and takes its desired shape only after having been activated. You may use its facilities anywhere, at home, in the garden or in any open space, as it is able to provide itself with energy and does not need outer connections. The box contains the cooking and freezing equipment, which take the shape of the products they need to include. In addition, you may use external electrical objects that generate power from the heat transferring metal. This kitchen contains fuel cells and the necessary hydrogen comes from a water splitting machine, which makes the end product of the burning gas to be potable, clean water.

Moreover, dishwashing and cleaning up becomes vile as the substance itself swallows the leftovers and takes them to the garbage can. The kitchen stores all the information and recipes. It can become the central energy supplier, whereas the brain of the flat, a strong and fast computer serves all the other facilities. You need not to lug a big machine, a basic netbook is enough, and when you connect the home one (remote desktop connection), you can take advantage of its full capacity. A small part of the kitchen serves as a place where you can grow spices and herbs, helping the oxygen formation.

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