Cuckoo Bunker Wall Clock tells you wars are dumb

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Living in a world plagued by selfish world leaders and masses apathetic to the mindless destruction caused by wars, it seems only fair that a tribute to the supposed glories of war should be an utter farce with brutal ironies covering every layer of its construction. A good case in point would have to be this Cuckoo Bunker Wall Clock by Joseph Barakat created for Diamantini Domeniconi. On the surface, it looks like a glorious reminder of the heroism displayed by ordinary soldiers during the various wars what with its 111-brick-façade tableau and the figure of a lone soldier sticking his head out of the fortress to keep guard. The irony, however, stems out of the fact that the ‘soldier’ is a little cuckoo bird with no face or human features except for a flimsy hat painted on its head. What’s even more cutting is that the bird does not pop out and break out in a song when the clock strikes an hour. Instead, it just sits there like a dead soldier staring at your happy home and asking why he had to pay the price for your greed and indifference to the value of his life. Now that’s what I call a real soul-stirring piece of functional art.
Price: $695

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Source: Dvice

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