Cubist Chess reviving Pavel Janák´s architecture and furniture designs

cubist chess 01

Paying homage to the Czech avant-grade, designer Jaroslva Jurica has created an artistic chess set called the “Cubist Chess” that draws inspiration from Pavel Janák´s architecture and furniture designs of the early 20th century. Made in maple, using a complex method of steaming with a mordant to achieve richness of black tones, the chess set is characterized by a high-quality craftsmanship with an emphasis on details. Varnished and polished to achieve high gloss, the limited edition chess set features a surface finished with the technique of marquetry. Measuring 420 x 420 x 35 mm in dimensions, the Cubist chess is available in black and natural colors.

cubist chess 03
cubist chess 04
cubist chess 05
cubist chess 06
cubist chess 07
cubist chess 02

Via: Huberokororo

One thought on “Cubist Chess reviving Pavel Janák´s architecture and furniture designs”

  1. I would like to buy your cubist chessset. Is it for sale? I live in the United States. If the chesset is available, let me know how best to proceed.

    Yours sincerely

    Dr Anthony M Gould

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