CTRUS is the first hybrid soccer ball you can see through, literally!

ctrus football 01

Envisioned by AGENT, a strategic intelligence embassy, the “CTRUS” is a see-through soccer ball that imitates the bounce of an inflated pneumatic soccer ball, but without losing the air, giving transparency to the game of soccer. In fact, it does not need air to recoil and perform. Claimed to be the first soccer ball you can see through, CTRUS’ functional principle is based on the mechanical properties of its materials, i.e. an inner structure (skelle-core) and an outer net-embedded shell, which is carved out of reinforced elastomer to make it more flexible in comparison to regular soccer balls. The hybrid soccer ball comes integrated with an interactive detection system that communicating wirelessly with control stations at the stadium changes its color to display the critical game situations, such as goal, offside, kick force, travel speed and if the ball is over the goal line or outside the field of play, via a GPS/RFID inner light. With CTRUS, now referees will have a closer look on the game to prevent controversial decisions. Check out more images as well as the videos after the jump.

ctrus football 02
ctrus football 03
ctrus football 04
ctrus football 05
ctrus football 06
ctrus football 07
ctrus football 08
ctrus football 09
ctrus football 09
ctrus football 10
ctrus football 11

Via: Destroyafteruse/Designboom

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