Cross-wind bridge captures cars speeds underneath to generate electricity


After the sun, wind is possibly the largest source of natural energy that can fulfill the growing energy needs of modern consumers. Harnessing the vast source of energy, the design team of Tiago Barros + Jorge Pereira in collaboration with Ines Valente, Rob Foobe III, Yoon-young hur, Natalie Batile and Joao Paulo Ferrandes has designed a cross-wind bridge that integrates multipurpose envelopes to produce wind power from a network of 2,188 lightweight rotating panels. Finished in recycled steel from the auto industry and balanced by concrete stairs and footings, the structure is based on a truss system that increases the wind velocity, produced by vehicles moving under the bridge, by up to 20% to rotate the panels. While an electromagnetic band, located on each panel, with the help of an induction power system generates energy to illuminate the bridge at night. Spreading 40m in a southwest/northwest direction over the Segunda Circular Highway in Lisbon, the cross-wind bridge apart from generating green energy also provides a tunnel for pedestrians and bikers.


Via: DesignBoom

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