Cristal station- For the namesake of urban public transport system

cristal station1

With new modes of transportation coming in – solar cars, electric cars and hybrid cars et al, even the transportation stations have to be pepped up to the same levels of improvement.

Keeping the same requirement in mind, a station site has been etched out. Encompassed with almost all possible amenities, including the facility for parking, recharging energy vehicles and distribution, the site is a boon for urban public transport systems, be it independent or semi-collective Cristal.

cristal station 3

Built with an aim to bridge the gap between the car traffic zone and the pedestrian zone, the station boosts the inter-modal transfers to its neck. As it can be inferred as a bus stop as well as a waiting zone at the same time by the user.

cristal station2

Set in the background of urbane landscape with lush green circumstancing it, the site has photovoltaic cells erected in the form of umbrellas to facilitate the charging of the vehicles running on power.

The station also facilitates the option of reservations through the calls, wherein the user can directly fetch the vehicle booked by the system operator. Another added advantage, if a user is on his way to the beach then the sand can be replaced by turf and the ground alters to the roadway from the sideway. All in all, a novice concept designated to make the commutation as easy as sipping water!

cristal station 4

Via: Behance Network

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