Crescasa Houseboat to facilitate nomadic living on the water

While most of us envision cities of the future as dark, grim, cramped spaces with each inhabitant getting a very small space to call home, designer Tom Pearce has a more optimistic view of things. He envisions a future where humankind would go back to a nomadic lifestyle to get away from the chaos of the metropolis where “home” would be something a lot closer to his Crescasa Concept Houseboat.

Crescasa Concept Houseboat

According to the designer’s vision, in the year 2040, people would essentially combine their home and transport into a single organic living space where traditional architecture and automobile design would be combined to provide users with the best of both worlds. The mobile living space would be a multipurpose design that can be used as a mode of transportation as well as a home/office in cities with waterways and canals as well as for region with marshland and in tundra regions.

The inflatable Crescasa Houseboat comprises of an expandable design that allows owners to extend the living space provided at the rear of the houseboat to accommodate more inhabitants as and when needed. The amphibious houseboat is the perfect solution for a future nomadic lifestyle and would feature aeroponic farms on board that would allow people to grow their own food. The houseboat would be propelled via a multi fuel engine and users would be able to trade carbon credits.

The vehicle itself would be fashioned out of a bamboo hemp composite material that would make the vehicle sustainable to manufacture. On the inside, the Crescasa Houseboat features a full kitchen as well as fully functional and fully furnished sleeping and living areas as well. With an incredible sustainable potential, the Crescasa Houseboat makes a strong case for a life on the water in the not so distant future that would help people avoid the cramped cities.

Source: Kapias

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