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Blank walls resemble blank mind. Both need great designs to appeal. But gone are the days when walls used to wear wallpapers and plastic paints. The new concept is modern wall art. Inspired from modern world, the art features everything from the modern wo

Creative wall design ideas to enhance your home decor

Blank walls resemble blank mind. Both need great designs to appeal. But gone are the days when walls used to wear wallpapers and plastic paints. The new concept is modern wall art. Inspired from modern world, the art features everything from the modern world. It is perfect for the home decorators of modern era.

Sound absorbing wall panels from Wobedo Design

Swedish company Wobedo designs has offered amazingly new concept in wall design with their sound absorbing wall panels. The panels are décor work that simply sticks on the wall and reduces the sound and echo, simultaneously serving the basic purpose of decoration. They are available in wide range, designs and colors. Easy to apply and to remove for cleaning, they are made of 100% wool and best serve for conference halls, spas and libraries.

DNA Portraits

DNA portraits, is a beautiful art of amalgamation of genetic science and web technology, that captivates history of your genetic existence in frames, for the purpose of decoration. The company DNA 11 has brought this concept of wall decor. For creating such pieces for the homes, owners DNA is first tested to determine the mtDNA haplo group, they belong to. This opens the book of their genetic inception thousand years ago. This sample is then programmed in to a QR code, which actually forms the artwork. To decode the data you just need to scan the artwork with your Smartphone. Your history on your wall!

Giant digital wall

Giant digital wall is far beyond the hard lines of normal décor. The walls are actually interactive, which ‘guide’ or ‘make you aware of’ or for any purpose you would have required a human interaction. This is ideal for places like institutes or hospitals where people normally tend to enquire way to certain location on their entry. These walls will guide them through a real time interface that uses a high resolution screen made on Christie micro tiles and programmed with preset data. The technology is soon to make a big entry at smaller locations.

Computers as Wall Art

A very geeky design, as we would say, uses computers on the walls, instead on the tables. Designer Fredrik Perman brought this into reality when he experimented this in his own lobby. The design uses six computers, specifically only their silicon part and batteries, hooked in one and cased inside an acrylic case. The computers works well with a monitor and keyboard tucked next to them where KVM switch lets you choose one out of six. For proper ventilation fans are provided, those are lit with LEDs enhancing the concept.

Digital Graffiti wall

The concept hires its base form age old art of graffiti, which is now digitized in digital graffiti wall. The design concept is a projector wall that is turned into graffiti with creative approach of users. Users can be multiple while the wall also can be temporary (if called in for specific use like promotion of an event). The spray cans against the old graffiti now emits infra red waves that are interpreted by computer attached with 2.5 mm rear projector, and is displayed accordingly. Digital Pens are also available for designing or writing purposes on the wall.

P.01 modular vegetal wall

The design by Francois Hurtuad, is an example of determination towards a greener planet. The design makes use of a plantation inside a room, but instead of plants growing vertically they will now grow horizontally. Plantation is made on a flat surface that hangs on the wall eliminating the worry for space requirement. LEDs are implanted beautifully behind the protruding structures for artificial photosynthesis. Design will let the person breathe cleaner air inside the room as well.

Planter Wall

Maruja Fuentes has come up with design that will go with green lovers. The wall design can be imagined as interlocked projected fish scales pasted on the wall. The scales are actually ceramic pots to cultivate plants; pots open up and fold back as when required. To add to the motive of preaching green, ceramic pots are themselves made up of recycled products. With ‘n’ number of pots owner has the choice to grow different herbs and plants of their choice. Not only does the design offer exclusiveness but is really very effective for cleaning the environment inside the room.

Light Form

Light Form as it is named is a creation by designers Daniele Gualeni & Francesca Rogers. Design features square shaped wooden blocks placed in shape of kites on the wall. Blocks are in two colors wooden and white, where some of the blocks carry light of themselves (electroluminescent film) others can be folded back to create a design unique for the creator. Once some of the blocks are opened by folding others perceive light to produce different effect with each fold. The light produced from design renders a smooth and calm effect for the occupant.

Panasonic Digital Wall

The digital wall by Panasonic is a wall illustration created digitally to give view of landscape you love. Digital Wall can be coated on your normal wall or can be created, as per the wish and will produce effect of aesthetic beauty of your choice. The digital set-up works on the programmed data and offers wide range of landscapes. For example if you love beaches, you simply need to click the one with that option and just sit in your room, oh am sorry- on the shore!


Ron Gilad’s innovation for Italian designer house Flos, produced this master piece for home decoration. The set-up produces lighting effect with the help of lamps that are placed inside cast aluminum and polycarbonate cage. This lets them camouflage with walls. The lamps are in ring shaped structure and produces mystical lightning effect. The set-up is adaptive as it changes with the mood of the room. Various effects are produced by varying the LED lightening combination and sequence. The design is perfect for home walls with an elegant effect.

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