Creative trike designs for a green ride

Keeping environment away from clutches of pollution is becoming a serious task and like other vehicle manufacturers even trike makers are not stepping back when it comes to offering eco friendly rides. Trikes are not only being showered with good looks, but are getting the much needed electric-driven status as well. These futuristic rides come tagged with a lot of fun and will prove to be a great way to commute in a green way. Without much ado, have a look at ten creative trike designs that will offer a green ride.

Twin Trike concept

If you are craving to own a stylish eco friendly ride, then Twin Trike concept might end your long search. The two seater tricycle is a brainchild of Cikaric Dragan, who is an industrial designer by profession. It features two transmissions that will make the ride comfortable, while ranking high on the functionality graph. The front rider will be responsible when it comes to controlling the ride, while the rear rider will provide additional help by pedaling.But, if need arises the trike can be driven by a single person as well.

E-3POD static electric trike concept

Heikki Juvonen has designed the E-3POD static electric trike concept, which has a one of its kind three wheel arrangement. The front two wheels give it an attention grabbing hubless appeal, while the larger wheel has enough space for the rider to comfortably sit inside it and also acts as a supportive structural part. The single seat trike is light in weight and electric driven. A lot of importance has been given to the aerodynamics of the ride, which will bring down the battery mass.

T. Rover Hybrid Trike concept

T.Rover Hybrid Trike is a three wheel high performance concept, which vows to escalate the riding experience further. The brawny vehicle will fetch all the power from a 1000cc V twin gasoline engine plus twin hybrid system. The impressively styled concept’s front wheels are wedged with motors that will make the ride all the more powerful. This dual hybrid setup for the front wheels will give the trike sustainable traits for a cleaner environment.

E-Trike concept

Trikes are a great way to better fuel economy as they come fitted with just three wheels instead of four. Promising a great performance and fuel efficient ride is the E-Trike concept conceived by auto designer Onno Fridrich. The onboard batteries in the design will power the ride by electricity in an environmentally friendly way. It is an all weather vehicle that has a windscreen and can just be used by one person at a time.

The IKONE “shoe” trike

The zero emission Ikone shoe trike is sure an attention grabber. The clean and green ride, designed by Karim Guelmi, looks like a big shoe and runs on lithium batteries. It can be easily charged using everyday household plugs, which will make sure that the trike covers a long distance when fully charged. The light weight design doesn’t run short on storage space, which makes it all the more pleasing.

Eco friendly Amantide Electric Trike

The single seater Amantide Electric Trike is an eye catching invention that will utilize energy from an electric source and is foldable. Two wheels have been placed in the front, while one has been wedged at the rear and supporting these wheels will be the leg extension. The base of the seat has been fitted with a handlebar that has an accelerator towards the right side, while acting as a shock absorber is the spring like suspension under the seat. The rechargeable battery of the green ride has been carefully placed next to the spring suspension.

Honda’s 3R-C reverse trike

Honda 3R-C reverse trike is battery powered creation, which will unfurl a stable and safe ride. The speedy vehicle will snarl like an angry beast as you move around the city and fetch unending glares. The single seater trike will be powered by a lithium ion battery pack. The low electric drivetrain of the reverse trike will give it a much better stability, while complete protecting will be ensured by the high sides in the eco friendly design.

The Epic EV Torq electric trike

The Epic EV Torq electric trike comes with a promise to reduce emission in the coming times as it will run on electricity and not gasoline. A 200hp motor that will be juiced up by a 30 kWh lithium iron phosphate batteries will make the three wheeled vehicle a delight to ride. The inside comes wedged with an entertainment system, cup holders and a digital dash display.

P.I.E.T Concept Electric Trike

P.I.E.T Concept Electric Trike has been specially designed to meet demands of the modern world. It provides the comfort of a car and the excitement that comes tagged while riding a scooter. The embedded wheel hub motor electric driven vehicle gets powered by the battery pack that has been positioned under the seat. P.I.E.T or Plug-in Electric Vehicle is a true face of urban mobility and will gel well with the personalities of environment lovers.

BMW i1 all-electric trike

If you long for a thrilling motorcycle experience without compromising on the safety provided by a car, then BMW i1 all-electric trike will sure leave you wheezing. The all electric three wheeled ride will be an energy efficient way to move around the city that too in a fashionable manner. The wheels of the single seater electric ride will be powered by three separate motors.

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