Five creative Steampunk headsets for the geeky

Creative Steampunk headsets

If you are craving for some great Steampunk devices that are trendy and very geeky, then you have to checkout the Steampunk headsets that are very funny and cool – just the perfect design for geeks. Here are five amazing Steampunk headsets that are a great mix of Victorian style with modernistic technology that are bound to get the Steampunk enthusiasts craving for them!

1) Steampunk Bluetooth headset

Steampunk Bluetooth headset

This cool Steampunk Bluetooth headset looks amazingly cool and very distracting with its exquisite design. This Victorian stylized headset is extremely cool with its heavy clockwork design that is bound to get you hooked onto it immediately. The brown colored natural wood, combined with the copper metal work looks very well coordinated and very unique as well. This headset is a great combination of the elegant Victorian designs combined with modern Bluetooth technology! However, on the flip side, this device might be a little overbearing on the ear, but it does not seem that the avid Steampunk fan would mind the excess weight! This beautifully designed Bluetooth headset is available for only $75 and is a steal for the Steampunk geeks!

2) Steampunk headphones designed by Tokaracer

Steampunk headphones by Tokaracer

These Steampunk headphones are inspired by the Sennheiser PMX 40 model and look very cool with the leather cover that is sewn on the bend that joins to two phones together. The look is not very finished; however, the color combination of the headset does make it quite attractive in appearance. The combination of metal with leather looks awesome and is a perfect device for any Steampunk enthusiast!

3) Thin Gypsy Thief’s Steampunk Headphones

Thin Gypsy Thief’s Steampunk Headphones

The Thin Gypsy Thief’s Steampunk Gear is a device to die for with its amazing design and great finishing! This is the latest from the Thin Gypsy Thief collection after the Steampunk iPod/Phone charger which comprises of Steampunk headphones complete with a case. Kyle Miller, who in fact is the designer/owner of the Thin Gypsy Thief has crafted and designed these amazing earphones that has Dr.Dre’s album cover etched on to the copper/brass based earphones. The headset is quite bulky with its wooden and copper earphones and the adjoining band is covered with leather. This vintage device is crafted out of vintage burgundy leather, copper, brass, black walnut wood and so on! This is truly a classic vintage Steampunk device that is a must-have!

4) Steampunk sleek headphones

Steampunk Headphones Interesting Gadgets

The Steampunk headphones have a great antique as well as a high-tech form. It basically resembles a futuristic device which is made out of antique materials like copper and brass for the Victorian look. The size of this headset is quite compact and can be carried around easily. It has a rather wiry look and appears to be lightweight too. However, since the sheer design of this headset is very modernistic it would definitely look like a sci-fi headgear for any one who wears it! This Steampunk headphone can be bought on Etsy for $30 only!

5) Custom Steampunk Skullcandy Headphones

Custom Steampunk Skullcandy Headphones

Now these Steampunk headsets are very innovative and cool. Named the Skullcandy SK-Pro, these headphones have been crafted by a person called DLi$h who has designed this cool device to provide the best sound quality – even good enough to be found around the necks of popular Disc Jockeys! However, this one, with its Steampunk design would be perfect for Steampunk rave parties! The headset has been painted by using acrylic paint to give a metal effect – without having to use copper and brass. The headset also features insignias and badges that were embellished on F18 Fighter Jets of the US Navy. These earphones are perfect if you are a Steampunk enthusiast. The best part about these Skullcandy SK-Pro headphones is that they are a limited edition piece and it is guaranteed that no one else would be ever found wearing a replica of these! So go over to Delicious Drips if your willing to spend a whopping $279.99 on these priceless headphones!

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